Pros and cons – a letter to my future self

Trigger warning: Contains discussion about advantages and disadvantages of suicide Mum “So, what was your homework from DBT this week?” Me (cheerfully) “To write a list of pros and cons of killing myself.” Mum “Oh” So, I guess that probably isn’t a common mother/daughter Wednesday night phone call.  But seriously, what does she think we... Continue Reading →

Borderline Personality Disorder – slate and self-image

There is a lot of information out there about BPD (also known as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder – EUPD) these days in terms of its causes, symptoms, treatment and prognosis; far too much to talk about in a single blog post.  So, for today, I wanted to write about the criteria for diagnosing BPD.  To... Continue Reading →

Very British Mental Health Problems

Trigger warning:  bottom of post contains one (light hearted) reference to suicide methods. I was amazed and touched by all the responses I got to my blog post last week. I just want to thank everyone who contacted me either to offer help with the bucket list, tell me that they enjoyed reading what I... Continue Reading →

The Big Red Button

The last time I was ill, I spent a lot of time researching other people's accounts of mental health problems.  I wanted to know how they survived. I listened, read and watched many interesting and inspiring stories.  A couple have really stuck with me, so if you are interested, I've put links at the bottom... Continue Reading →

(How not to kick the…)bucket list

So, why am I writing this blog? As discussed in my profile, I experience a lot of suicidal ideation.  In other words, I spend a lot of time thinking about killing myself.  But...that is a discussion for another post.  The gist of it is this:  A very good friend of mine, J- suggested that I... Continue Reading →

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