Not a cry for help, or: Oh God, on Thursday I turned into Neil out of the Young Ones

Trigger warning:  The opinions expressed in this post are from the point of view of someone who is suicidal and therefore may not be rational.  If you think you may be triggered by this, please don’t read on.  It’s mostly inane drivel anyway.  Go and do something else instead.  Seriously.  Anything.  Cut your toenails or... Continue Reading →

There is a beauty in broken things; or how to have a friend with suicidal ideation….and how not to take it (too) personally

I'm not writing this week - this week my amazing, courageous and resilient best friend is writing a guest spot......... I have been thinking about writing a guest blog for X for some time now but it was her “Diagnosis and a donut” post that really sparked off my internal responses. It was the lines... Continue Reading →

Catch 22 – How to not die

Last week I wrote about why I stay alive. Today I want to talk about how I stay alive. So, let’s imagine that you’ve thought about the reasons for not committing suicide and you’ve decided not to kill yourself.  I have been through that process maybe 4 or 5 times in my life (not really... Continue Reading →

Pros and cons – a letter to my future self

Trigger warning: Contains discussion about advantages and disadvantages of suicide Mum “So, what was your homework from DBT this week?” Me (cheerfully) “To write a list of pros and cons of killing myself.” Mum “Oh” So, I guess that probably isn’t a common mother/daughter Wednesday night phone call.  But seriously, what does she think we... Continue Reading →

The Big Red Button

The last time I was ill, I spent a lot of time researching other people's accounts of mental health problems.  I wanted to know how they survived. I listened, read and watched many interesting and inspiring stories.  A couple have really stuck with me, so if you are interested, I've put links at the bottom... Continue Reading →

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