I went to Wales, oh yes I D.I.D.

I do love a good pun. D.I.D, as I have mentioned before, stands for Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s been a bit of a feature for me over the last couple of weeks. Upon contemplation, I have decided that it sucks. However (always looking for the positives), it is about a billionty times better than clinical... Continue Reading →

Fractured – how split personalities lead to you pondering why you bought so many tins of baked beans

A friend of mine commented that she couldn’t really hear my voice in my post about receiving my diagnosis (Diagnosis & a Donut).  I don’t mind at all that she said this, I think she is right.  So, I got to pondering why that was.  Perhaps I should have ‘fessed up at the time of... Continue Reading →

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