A week in The Lodge – anti-ligature rooms, craft clubs and Jaffa cake dodging

So, my last blog ended with me driving away from A&E in the back of a car with 2 staff from the Crisis Team. If this was a short story, that is where we would leave things. Nice cliff-hanger. Full of possibilities. But life isn’t like that. You don’t get to skip past the crap,... Continue Reading →

How I ended up in psychiatric care (the first time around)

Trigger warning: I’m going to tell you about the antecedents to my first stay in residential psychiatric care. Inevitably (for me) this involves some fairly in-depth description of planning my suicide. So, if you think in any way that this is going to be triggering for you, just give it a miss. Please? For me?... Continue Reading →

I went to Wales, oh yes I D.I.D.

I do love a good pun. D.I.D, as I have mentioned before, stands for Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s been a bit of a feature for me over the last couple of weeks. Upon contemplation, I have decided that it sucks. However (always looking for the positives), it is about a billionty times better than clinical... Continue Reading →

And…. I’m back in the room

Gosh, it’s nice not being depressed.  It happened in the course of about half an hour the other evening and has been holding strong (barring a few hours this afternoon - a blip, I hope - thank you A~ for listening to me and picking me back up) for 4 days now (everyone touch wood,... Continue Reading →

Art, altruism and food

I’ve been questioning the bucket list idea a bit lately, wondering why I am doing it.  Is it a mere distraction from pain?  If it is, then maybe that is okay, maybe that is the best I can hope for right now.  But I want it to serve another purpose as well - to help... Continue Reading →

Schrödinger’s car

The theme of DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) this week is radical acceptance.  I have to think of examples of things that have happened/are happening that I find difficult and carry out exercises to achieve acceptance.  In part, this involves using particular postures and facial expressions, so it has the added bonus of making me look... Continue Reading →

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