There is a beauty in broken things; or how to have a friend with suicidal ideation….and how not to take it (too) personally

I'm not writing this week - this week my amazing, courageous and resilient best friend is writing a guest spot......... I have been thinking about writing a guest blog for X for some time now but it was her “Diagnosis and a donut” post that really sparked off my internal responses. It was the lines... Continue Reading →

Diagnosis and a donut

Someone once told me that the traits we dislike most in others are those that we hate or fear in ourselves.  Ouch.  I think they are right though.  There aren’t many people I don’t like, but I’ve met a few in the mental health system, and I suspect they are the ones with diagnoses closest... Continue Reading →

Catch 22 – How to not die

Last week I wrote about why I stay alive. Today I want to talk about how I stay alive. So, let’s imagine that you’ve thought about the reasons for not committing suicide and you’ve decided not to kill yourself.  I have been through that process maybe 4 or 5 times in my life (not really... Continue Reading →

Very British Mental Health Problems

Trigger warning:  bottom of post contains one (light hearted) reference to suicide methods. I was amazed and touched by all the responses I got to my blog post last week. I just want to thank everyone who contacted me either to offer help with the bucket list, tell me that they enjoyed reading what I... Continue Reading →

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